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Who we are

With a strong portfolio of projects in Greece and an extensive experience in the RES sector from 2006, Solar Cells Hellas (SCH) provides professional solutions for the realization of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects, including techno-economic studies, design, procurement of equipment, construction (EPC), operation and maintenance (O&M) either for photovoltaic (PVs) or Wind (WFs) parks.

Solar Cells Hellas is currently developing more than 1GW of RES projects in a rather fragmented Greek market, 103,6 MW of which are in operation, and the rest are under construction/development. The portfolio
consists of small PVs (<500KW each), small WFs (<3MW each), PVs (varying from 1< < 50MW) and BESS (storage) projects.

Our Mission

The company provides an ideal platform for any international investor to acquire a strategic position in the promising Greek RES sector. With an extensive experience in RES project development and RES parks operation, our management team covers a complete product offering across the entire project life, including the development of engineering studies, the undertaking of licensing procedures, assessment and supply of equipment, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is a Green Future for all. We consider that energy is the key driver for the development of our society and we are committed to play a signifigant role for a sustainable energy future for the world. Through research and development,  we aiming at continuous innovation, improved services, and applications.  Thats why we are commitment to solid moral principles and transparency in all fields of activity, with constant growth and flexibility regarded as the key factors in our business model.


January 2006Establishment of Solar Cells S.A
2007 Construction of vertical integrated industrial facility in Patras for photovoltaic products
2009Construction of appr 22MW of PV parks
2010Development of 297MW of PV projects (Fast Track projects)
2011Grid connection of appr 13.6MW of PV parks
2012Grid connection of appr 2MW of PV parks
2013Grid connection of appr 7,6MW of PV parks
2017Start of construction of app 82,6MW of Wind parks
2018Development of 138MW of small Wind projects (Aeolus project)
2019Development of 260MW of PV projects (Green Energy project)/ participation in RAE auctions for PV projects
2022Development of 657MW of PV projects (Project Helios)
Development of 175MW of BESS (storage) projects

Management Team

Dimitrios Panagakos was born in August 1955. He studied electrical engineer in the National Technical University.

Before he ended his studies he started working in “PETROLA” a company of Latsis Group.
Then he found himself in Middle East, working as a supervising engineer in large infrastructure projects. Returning in Greece worked in ADK taking an active role in the construction of the electrical installation in “Greek Arms Industry” in Lavrio.

In the middle 90s established O.DI.TEC S.A. a pre-recorded optical digital discs company.  In 2006 decided to FOUND Solar Cells Hellas Group the first vertically integrated PV producer in Southeast Europe.

Today Solar Cells Hellas consists of 3 production lines with the capacity of the Group reaching up to 80MW annually. Dimtrios Panagakos is the President & CEO of Solar Cells Hellas, Soltech SA and O.DI.TEC SA. Also with a number of companies he is actively dealing with the development of privately owned RES projects.

Sofoklis Pitarokilis was born in 1978 in Heraklion, Crete. He studied Electrical and Computer Engineering in National Technical University of Athens with honors in Automated Control Systems and hold an MBA from Hellenic Open University. He has pursued a career in various sectors including computer programming as well as DC motors applications.

Previously he has been the Production Manager of an Optical Media Industry and currently he holds the position of General Manager in Solar Cells Hellas SA (, a Greek-based company focusing in Renewable Energy Sources.

During 2009-2011 Solar Cells Hellas operated two fully integrated photovoltaic (PV) production facilities (investments of appr 120mo€) and provided a wide range of services related to solar projects. The factories supplied solar products primarily in Italy and Spain, as well as PV modules in Greek located projects.

During 2011-2013 the company developed appr 45ΜW of PV parks (currently in operation)  and a portfolio of 300ΜW of PV parks, eligible to Fast Track law (L. 3894/2010).

From 2016 the company further expanded to the Wind sector and started the construction of 76MW of privately owned wind projects in Greece (estimated budget > 140mo€, these projects connected to the grid Q3 2021) while it further developed its PV pipeline with additional appr 275MW in the Greek mainland. The company is also dealing with the development of small wind farms (108MW portfolio) and small pv parks (76MW portfolio).

Mr Pitarokilis was CEO of ARS SA (, a technical company which provides solutions to the engineering, procurement and construction in RES projects. ARS is specialized in the cleaning of PV modules and operational management of solar parks.

He was a member of the board of Hellenic Association of PV companies (HELAPCO) from 2013 up to 2019.

Leonidas Panagakos was born in 1988 in Athens, Greece. He studied Science of Business Management in DEREE, The American College of Greece in Athens.

He took significant courses while studying, such as Internet Marketing, Advertising and Business Strategy and he participated in big projects in M&M’s Marketing Plan, in Delta’s Advertising Campaign and for Apple Inc.

During 2008-2011 still in University, he had been working for Solar Cells Hellas S.A. Mr. Panagakos in 2013 expanded his activity in tourism with the acquisition of a medium size boutique hotel in Mani, South Peloponnese Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa.

He is also Head Manager and shareholder in 4E S.A., a company which operates in the sector of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and manages a portfolio of Photovoltaic Parks (, Spes Solaris S.A, a company which is specified in Renewable Energy Sources and manages a portfolio of large-scale PV Power Parks ( and Regional Investments, a real estate company engaged in the real estate market with a strong presence since 2009 (

Finally, is a Shareholder of ARS S.A a technical company which provides solutions to the engineering, procurement and construction in RES projects. ARS is specialized in the cleaning of PV modules and operational management of solar parks (

Varvitsiotis Dimitrios (PhD Doctoral, Msc) , born in 1960, received his bachelor degree and his Master degree in Agriculture by the Agricultural University of Athens, a Master degree (Msc) in Business Management of Health by the National Public Health School of Athens, a Master degree(Msc)of Science in Environmental &Health by the Medical School of Athens.

He is a doctoral candidate (PhD) in the Medical School of Athens with an interest on “Appraisal Methods on Targeted projectile for biopsy breast cancer” (thesis). Prior to his present position as Operations General Manager in the Industry of Solar Cells Hellas SA, he has held the position of deputy manager in the General Hospital Athens (2005-2010), as General Manager in the Hospital of Kalavrita (2001- 2002). He has also worked as project coordinator on environmental projects in Ernst&Young (1995-2001) and concurrently worked as general manager on an Agricultural Association in Kalavrita (Western Greece).

Moreover, he has participated on International Workshops on “Patient – Crisis – Emergency Management” by the Berlin School of Economics (2008) and on “Public Health Policy & System in the European Region” by the Worldwide Organization in Denmark.

Furthermore, he has a wide range on diplomas related to quality management, health management, agriculture and environmental management.

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